Get started with your pregnancy care

Quilted Health helps you figure out pregnancy care no matter what your situation. For your first appointment, an experienced midwife will meet with you by phone or video chat. We set aside a full hour to talk about your health, your pregnancy, and any needs you have right now, like helping you enroll in insurance and ordering your first prenatal labs.

After your first visit, you can begin your pregnancy care with Quilted Health at our clinic in Tacoma, or we can help match you with another prenatal provider based on your needs and preferences.

We currently offer services in the state of Washington.

Experiencing a medical emergency such as fever, vaginal bleeding, or severe pain?

Go immediately to a local emergency room.

Not ready to schedule an appointment or not yet pregnant? Schedule a free, 20 minute virtual consultation to learn more, text/call (253) 243-2537 or email us at